Monday, July 30, 2012

On the Edge

On the Edge

The edges creep in from time to time,
And all the wild things
Sitting on these borders
Step over the line
Like wicked spirits
Slinking through a break
In a fragile magic circle.
Things get interesting
Out there on the edge
Where domestic and wild
Can mingle for a while,
Swap stories and reminisce
About the good ol’ days
When they were much closer.
Design meets spontaneity
In a fit of indecision,
A weighing of desires
And unforeseen consequences,
Until architecture and engineering
Become biological,
Entwined in a double helix
And fueled by the power
Of a circling sun.

That is all well and good
Out there on the horizon,
To be watched like a sunset
With space in between.
But the edges creep in,
Softly like a butterfly
Slipping on in through your skin,
Contracting like concentric circles
Sucked into a singularity,
Now a bottomless black hole
With the weight of a universe
Lodged firmly, intently,
Right between your eyes.

Here the edges lie for a time,
Lodged like a chrysalis
With some strange creature inside,
Soon to fly out to the edge of the world.

Image credit: Richard Webb, from Wikimedia Commons, under a Creative Commons License.